⌘ Connect

⌘ Connect is a unique mentorship program that connects female and non binary students to professionals in the tech industry.

About Us

Our Mission: To increase interest in the tech industry among girls then providing all with the tools to explore their interest in tech!

  1. Make computer science classes for accessible to students in Malaysia
  2. Demystify the industry and make it less daunting for girls
  3. Create a community of girls that can support each other

Our Team

Belle See
CEO - Lead Director
Susan Zhang
Director of Operations
Sneha Kancharla
Marketing Director
Olivia Zhou
Creative Director
Ashley Suelyn
Reva Moolky
Graphic Designer
Meha Goyal
Web Developer
Sanchi Bansal
⌘ Connect India Lead



Is ⌘ Connect available for industries besides tech?
Currently, it is tailored for female and non-binary students interested in the tech industry. However, if you have a request for another industry, please fill in this form and we will see how we can address your request!

Why Command Tech <>?

Command tech wants to help you! We want to provide opportunities to help you explore your interest in tech.

How are we different?

Command Tech follows through. From getting you interested in tech to helping you formulate your next steps, we are with you the whole way!

Is ⌘ Connect free?
Yes! It is 100% free so what are you waiting for? Fill in the application and get connected to amazing professionals, learn more about the tech industry and get inspired!

How can I get involved?
If you are interested in joining our team, send us an email and tell us why you want to join our team and what you want to do!